We are now providing the training you need to get the most from the Shared Life project.

Responding to an need identified by local authorities to provide an excellent quality short qualification to those people working as Shared Lives Carers. We are offering a 2 unit QCF Award, making it manageable enough for the learner complete without impacting too much on the busy home, work and family life for the Shared Lives Carer.

Every Shared Lives Carer will be provided with their own experienced health and social care assessor who will guide, support and plan with the learner in order to help them to complete their qualification.

The qualification will be assessed holistically taking in to account the individual and unique learning needs of the Shared Lives Carer to include:

  • Direct Observation by a qualified assessor working with a service user
  • Completion of the Shared Lives Work Book
  • Witness Testimony from the Shared Lives Manager/Supervisor/Service User (as appropriate)
  • Examination of written records
  • Questioning by the assessor.


What are the progression opportunities for the Shared Lives Carer upon completion?

Upon completion of the qualification the Shared Lives Carer can access further qualifications on the QCF framework such as the Diploma in Health and Social Care Adults Levels 2 and 3.


How can I find out more about the programme?

By contacting:

Ali Porteous: ali@portwell-uk.com or telephone 07966 460906

Richard Cresswell: richard@portwell-uk.com or telephone 07789 264282