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PortWell UK is the training organisation for those who are responsible for purchasing training and development opportunities. We understand that in these days of austerity that every penny spent must be accounted for and justified. That’s why we at PortWell UK will always offer you best value for money. This does not mean offering a poor quality service, quite the opposite! We will come to you and discuss your organisations training and development needs and draw up a plan in conjunction with you and your management team that will help you move forward and meet KPI’s. We can work with your management teams and front line staff on short term training, management consultancy and ongoing training and RQF short and long fully accredited courses.

1 week ago
BBC London

'If anybody that's deaf is thinking about becoming a teacher and says: 'I can't do it', you can.'

1 week ago
Issac Theophilos - How to get to CQC Outstanding - Coproduce Care Chat

Great guy

We are joined by Issac Theophilos, a previous Care Home Manager, author of 'How to get outstanding: An ultimate guide for care homes' and founder of Outstand...

2 weeks ago
From DoLS to LPS: an important time for mental capacity - Social care


This blog from the Department of Health and Social Care shares news, views and information updates for anyone working in - or receiving support from - the care and support sector.

2 weeks ago
National Association of Care & Support Workers

Our response to the MAC report published yesterday.

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