PortWell UK is a regional based training organisation and consultancy, delivering quality original training and management solutions to care workers and their leaders.

We offer a Learning Community to people in the care field, supporting learners as they develop in their roles. Participants in our training programme can gain nationally recognised qualifications at all levels.

The founders of PortWell UK have a vision of those working in the care industry being supported to learn and grow with pride and empowerment in their roles.

We believe that everyone can be empowered through their learning, and that learning helps people understand their profession and increase their skills and knowledge by connecting with other people in the field.

Above all, we treat everyone that we work with according to their individual and organisational needs in order to create a service that is unique to them.

Shared Lives

Empowering your staff team through learning is the key to their development as well as the development of the services they provide. We can help you meet this challenge.




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1 month ago
Webinar recording: Leadership in strengths based social care - October 2019

Great webinar!

This webinar looked at how leadership in strengths-based approaches requires a shift from the traditional paternalistic model focused on ‘fixing’ people, to ...

1 month ago
Homes, hope, work and love: what learning disabled people want from life


Social workers are changing the way they work to help people with learning disabilities achieve their aims

1 month ago
Homecare agencies are at breaking point. Reform is long overdue | David Brindle


As one council starts paying by the minute for homecare visits, adult social care urgently needs more than a quick fix, says the Guardian’s public services editor David Brindle

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